Safefill 7.5kg gas bottle

Safefill 7.5kg gas bottle

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Crusader Table Top Barbecue

Safefill 10kg gas bottle

Lightweight, refillable, gas bottle
Safefill 10kg gas bottle

When Safefill asked people what they wanted from their bottled cylinders they said:

- It should be light, I want to be able to carry it
- I want to see how much gas I have left
- It should be easy to refill
- I don’t want to pay a premium for small amounts of gas

So, they introduced the Safefill cylinder to meet every one of your needs. Our cylinder now comes in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium & Large. The Safefill translucent bottle allows you to see how much gas is left - so no more estimating, and their automatic overfill protection device prevents filling beyond 80%, ensuring complete safety.

Technical Specifications
- Height (mm): 482
- Diameter (mm): 310
- Empty Weight (kg): 4.1
- LPG Capacity (approx litres): 14.5
- Propane Capacity (kg): 7.5
- Water Content (L): 18.2

The refilling of rented gas cylinders is illegal and could see you prosecuted for theft; it’s also extremely dangerous. Quite rightly the industry has serious concerns about this practice and wants to stamp it out. So do Safefill – and that’s why they have designed the Safefill cylinder to be safe and easy to refill. They looked at all the issues identified by the industry and developed a product that’s so easy to use; has no complicated hoses or attachments that could be incorrectly used; has an integral overfill protection device (OPD); a secondary back check valve in case you forget to close the valve and tamper-proof fittings that mean gas can only come out of the cylinder when it is attached to an appliance.

LPG is available on many petrol station forecourts in the UK and Europe, if you would like to find your nearest LPG seller then please see the refilling section on Safefill's website where it will show all the locations on a map.

1. Attach LPG fill gun
2. Open Safefill LPG manual stop tap
3. Start your LPG fill (OPD will activate when 80% full)
4. Close Safefill manual stop tap
5. Release fill gun

Standard rented gas cylinders are not intended to be refilled by the customer - and much is said about the dangers and legal implications of doing so. Safefill couldn’t agree more. Safefill cylinders are designed to be refilled.

Safefill cylinders, manufactured by Hexagon Ragasco, have an unmatched safety record and feature:

Automatic overfill prevention device - prevents refilling past 80%
Additional back-check valve if you accidentally forget to close the valve after filling
Tamper-proof fittings which only allow gas to exit when connected to an appliance
No complicated hoses or adapters to connect; UK filling guns fits directly onto the Safefill valve

With more than 9 million units in use in over 70 countries and an industry-leading safety record, Hexagon Ragasco composite cylinders have become the standard for user friendly LPG.

Safefill cylinders comply with a wide range of international standards and approvals. The principal ones include:

ISO 9001
ISO 11119-3
EN 12245
EN 14427
DOT-SP 12706
TC SU 5931
TÜV certified (Germany)

Safefill Cylinders are subjected to extensive testing including: cycle testing, extreme temperature testing, long term ageing tests and static load fatigue tests.

The most widely adopted inspection interval is 10 years. Periodic inspection in the European countries is done in accordance with ADR and ISO 11623. Some countries, however, have 15-year inspection intervals.